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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Management of inhouse marketing team projects
As the marketing projects unfold, I list the necessary steps, due dates, and who's responsible for the step. As priorities change daily, I can easily drag the steps up and down the list based on importance and/or due date.

I ask co-workers to check this often, and change the status of each step as it's being worked on.
Getting started tips
I like to use just a few columns: Name, notes, who's responsible, due date & completion date. My progress notifications are: 1.Working on it 2.Stuck. 3.Waiting for approval 4.In revisions 5.Done

I also like to see the completion date along side the due date to keep an eye on productivity.
"Any one can view from any location, to see where we stand on each step of a project."
Sean Fitzgerald
Why we love this template
This almost eliminates the need for emails and most meetings. We can now brainstorm the project with your marketing team, figure out the steps and who's responsible, then get out of their way and let them get it done! You can still micro-manage from a distance if you want, with out being annoying :)
Without this template I would
...have to go back to sending/receiving over 100 business emails a day, between 6+ people on 20+ steps running at all times. As a visual person, is the best and easiest solution to implement and get teammates to actually use! C-level leaders love the simplicity too, for a quick snapshot of team activity.
Hi I'm Sean Fitzgerald from A.Titan Instruments and this was my story
Hi I'm Sean Fitzgerald from A.Titan Instruments and this is my story, check it out
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