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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Project Management and Tracking
We built this template to streamline the project submission process to allow our Field Reps to quickly and easily push information to our internal Project Management teams. Once the PMs have the information, they are able to upload all of the project design templates, specification sheets, and misc. information. The great thing is the Field Reps are able to access the updates from their mobile devices and they can always see what stage their project is in from a simple view. It requires no digging in, unless you want to.
Getting started tips
This template is very simple... It allows you to start with a project name. Next, it allows you to input project submission date to keep track of how long it has been outstanding. It also has a member assignee tab, so we know who the job belongs too. After that there are 4 task bars that have options for stage completion. We then included some areas for number crunching so we can manage outstanding dollar values, GM $, GM% and PO numbers.You can see entire project view on one simple pulse.
"Simply simplistic!"
Ryan Ramsby
Why we love this template
The best thing about this template is it allows you to see several stages and key data points of your project from a single bar view. You can dig into it if you want, but if you have a job board all projects are easily view-able. All of the key stages are color tagged allowing for clear understanding of the project. ALL GREEN MEANS ALL A GO!
Without this template I would
Without this template we would be leaving a lot up to chance. Everyone has different ways of organizing, which is a scary thing when you rely on consistent communication and collaboration. If someone is sick, we are able to proceed and not fall behind.

We can generate follow up reports and we have seen an increase in our close rate and our efficiency as a team.
Hi I'm Ryan Ramsby from ESS and this was my story
Hi I'm Ryan Ramsby from ESS and this is my story, check it out