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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Product release checklist
At the end of a product development cycle when the designer feels it is ready for release, this template constrains the review process. There are sections and criteria that needs to be met for each section. Each Team member has their own column and must consider each item for the new product. If the product does not meet the standards the team member will select No and click the upper right corner to add notes, or action items. If it does meet the criteria then the user will chose Yes.

As No is checks we typically add action items to a companion baord for this product.
Each section has a release approval at the end.

At the bottom is a overall release approval.

The product cannot be released until all sections are approved by all team members who reviewed it.
Getting started tips
modify the sections and Release criteria in each section for your specific product being released. Add a column for each team member. Go to town.

Team members will works their way down their column to review the new product.
"Takes a traditional concept of a release checklist and turbocharges it with the powers of"
Mark Whittaker
Why we love this template
It helps us ensure that our products meet the expected quality. It also verifies that we reviewed it per our policy and keeps a record of who reviewed it.
Without this template I would
Use Google sheets. Not nearly as useful. nor does it integrate with the rest of our project management in
Hi I'm Mark Whittaker from EZasic and this was my story
Hi I'm Mark Whittaker from EZasic and this is my story, check it out
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