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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Daily Workflow and Production
We are a design and printing firm. This template allows us to divide the work based on who is designing. All the while, we are able to update where each order or project is in the work process and move them to a different stage.
Getting started tips
Create a group for each person in the office/department. Waiting On Client Active are active projects that have been sent to the client. Inactive/Stalled projects are ones that are delayed or in limbo. Finished could be called Finished/To Be Billed projects are done and need to be billed. Completed are billed projects. Completed also include projects or tasks that didn't need to be billed.
"Easy To Follow"
Micah Forman
Why we love this template
We love it because with one glance, you can see what the status of each task is, who has the task, and where the project is in the process. We can tell in real-time what each team member is up to. Also, the notifications allow team members on the go to be in the loop when projects are ready to sent to the customer. LOVE US SOME MONDAY! ❤️
Without this template I would
😭😩 Cry and be lost in life. Seriously, we have tried EVERYTHING. We are not just a graphic design company. We do graphics, web, print, promo, etc. We have tried Zoho, Trello, Slack, Base Camp, and others. The simplicity of Monday and the ease of use make it our MVP.
Hi I'm Micah Forman from Apartmentprint and this was my story
Hi I'm Micah Forman from Apartmentprint and this is my story, check it out
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