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Jul 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Organize a showroom of sales people
I update from my phone and the team updates from the computer. Its most helpful because I am always out of the office and need to communicate with the team more efficiently. We working in a very fast paced field so speed and accuracy are essential to keeping clients happy.
Getting started tips
I changed every column to match our needs. Our business is custom so this is not a simple feat! We are retail and trade. So finding a system that organizes two completely different fields was very difficult. It took a while to set up but I have received my time invested to set up back ten fold becuase it's so efficient for out business.
"BEcuase it meets our business specific needs. "
Why we love this template
It's so user friendly. The fact that once it's set up correctly only takes one click to update is genius. I love that you can edit every single template. Since it updates online our production team at a different address can also access the same information real time. It has made our small business big!
Without this template I would
Go crazy!!!! I've never found a system that organizes all the random things we do. This has been amazing. I am essentially a one woman show. Having the ability to communicate with one platform to a team has really saved me a ton of time, effort and energy. More importantly it has approved our efficiency.
Hi I'm Isaac from Sharronlewis and this was my story
Hi I'm Isaac from Sharronlewis and this is my story, check it out