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Jul 3rd, 2018. 3 min read
Track marketing projects across portfolios
It's allowed us to take hundreds of marketing projects, requests, campaigns, etc. and organize them in a way that made them both visible and conquerable. Assignments are input as pulses and assigned or moved to the board of the person responsible. That person is the pilot and the partner or supervisor for that project is assigned as the "co-pilot". This allows everyone to be on the same page with any updates, tweaks or edits to the pulse. was paper and pens.

Getting started tips
A pulse created in this template can be titled with the project itself, for example: Update Commercial Brochure. The pulse is given a priority, owner and co-pilot. Co-pilot can be the supervisor or a partner for the project. I assign any supervisors as co-pilots so they constantly receive updates on progress. You can input who the project was requested by, the due date, status, notes and property. The property tag comes in handy when we need to look at individual portfolios and see where we are at Marketing-wise. The members involved in this process are the Marketing Directors, the Marketing Project Manager and the Marketing Coordinator.
"A good analogy for marketing projects is the game 52-card pick-up. Monday, simply put, allows me to organize those cards by suit, color, number or any other way I see fit."
Why we love this template
It allowed us to get a full-scope on everything we touch, work-on and deliver via marketing as a whole. We have a "Completed" group at the bottom of the board that shows the projects we've conquered. Nothing is more satisfying then seeing a long line of "Completed" at the end of the week.
Without this template I would
I would drown....

...but seriously...It would be almost impossible to keep track of and update the hundreds of projects spread across our marketing department at any given time. Without Monday, we would constantly have items slipping through the cracks simply because some items get overlooked due to the business of our department. This template serves as an organizer that keeps our department rolling.
Hi I'm Jonathan from Billingsley Company and this was my story
Hi I'm Jonathan from Billingsley Company and this is my story, check it out