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Jul 4th, 2018. 2 min read
Keep track of our event staffing
College2Career Fairs coordinates out-of-state and international college fairs in Southern California. My wife and I worked for six years with another college fair business and decided to move to a new career-oriented platform. This template helps keep us on track to make sure we have our day-of-event supplies in order.
Getting started tips
We list all the supplies that need to be transported to the event site the night before or on the day of the event. Knowing what we need at each event helps us to be prepared and do post-event inventory. Access to this info on a mobile device - wonderful!
"This template facilitates the 80/20 rule for success: 80% preparation and 20% execution."
Bob Tyra
Why we love this template
We really love the intuitive nature of template. It's easy to learn how it works and being able to assign responsibility while updating the status (with a colored label) helps keep us informed and on task.

The template is "ground zero" for being organized.
Without this template I would
Coordinating a college fair for 500 high school students arriving in 10 to 15 buses to an off-campus site to meet with 60 to 70 college reps is stressful. Having this template as a shared resource helps make the fair more organized (and less stressful) for us and our clients.
Hi I'm Bob Tyra from TES LLC and this was my story
Hi I'm Bob Tyra from TES LLC and this is my story, check it out
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