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Jul 4th, 2018. 2 min read
Manage and track ministry group progress.
Our church has recently installed a new pastor. As a means of organizing the entire church leadership and staff into smaller manageable groups; our pastor chose As a ministry team where all group members are listed, we are able to sign in, view, track and manage tasks and assignments as well as their progression. We are also able to make comments, offer assistance, feedback, and resources.
Getting started tips
Using this template we (as a group) are able to view who has what assignment and the progress they have made. We also can view the level of importance or priority of the assignment as well as when it have been completed. I especially like the notifications to my email whenever anyone adds a new pulse or post. Our Pastor simply signed up and evited us all to join.
"The convenience of full scope, one-sheet viewing is priceless."
Thomasina F. Savage
Why we love this template
This tool makes organizing, scheduling and coordinating meetings, tasks, functions, and events run more efficiently through a single site without multiple calls or emails. We are all able to focus on ministry instead of organizing and scheduling. It also removes the administrative burden of tracking and reporting progress. Finally, it encourages 100% participation because everyone can see who else is signed up.
Without this template I would losing valuable hours per week in communication. This site is truly a work saver. The ease of use and functionality are priceless with endless possibilities. The entire leadership and staff are saved so much time, and best of all paper. We get nothing but great feedback from all who use this site.
Hi I'm Thomasina F. Savage from The Och and this was my story
Hi I'm Thomasina F. Savage from The Och and this is my story, check it out
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