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Jul 5th, 2018. 3 min read
Manage and prioritise our entire workload
Even though there is only two of us, we have a range of clients and we need to ensure that we deliver projects on-time for them and that nothing gets forgotten about. Through, we record every task that we need to do and prioritise these into what week we're going to complete them on. We have visibility of each other's workload and we can see the benefit of this should we scale our business.

Previously we used Trello and Wrike - the platform is much more flexible and suitable for what we need and we're confident in the direction of the platform - it's great to see new features being regularly released :-)
Getting started tips
Every key work item is created as a task and allocated to a section (week). We then assign an owner and a due date - plus what type of task it is. We don't limit this to work for clients - we also include internal work items and things we can be learning for our own personal development.

Where there are many tasks involved in a work item, we simply use the subtasks functionality to list these out!
"At the end of the week when we see all those green items, we can be proud of everything we've done!"
Andrew Cronnie
Why we love this template
It simply keeps us organised day-by-day and makes sure that we never let our clients down. Although we operate from the same office, we can easily see what each other are working on at any time and collaborate on many projects through rather than having lots of email threads going.
Without this template I would
Have no visibility on what work the business has on currently and in the future. We'd probably end up failing to deliver projects on-time.

Without this, we wouldn't have such a strong incentive to get through so much work every week - it's such a motivational tool and makes you try to accomplish as much as you can to shrink that ever-growing to-do list!
Hi I'm Andrew Cronnie from Cronnie Creative and this was my story
Hi I'm Andrew Cronnie from Cronnie Creative and this is my story, check it out
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