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Jul 5th, 2018. 3 min read
Plan the workload for the team
This template helps my team members plan their workload and for me to keep an eye on what is happening.

Before we were using lists in project books and it was difficult for my team to remember what needed to be done and when. Items on the list were missed frequently. In a fast moving team this was not working well for us so we needed to find another way to manage our 'to do' lists with every member of the team having visibility.

It allows the team member to list the work that they need to complete and allows me to prioritise the work for them. The template is great to easily see what needs to be worked on and when. Allowing us also to add a status against each task.
Getting started tips
Our template is very easy to use. We simply have a main column which is a description of the task in hand. We split this down into a work list for the week, an on the list 'list' which describes what we would like to do coming up and then and ideas list.

We use the status column with different colours to easily see what is being worked on and, what has been done and what needs further thought. The priority status can be edited to show whether something is urgent or not.

"The template is brilliant because it helps us to visible plan our weekly workload enabling all teams members complete visilbility of each others tasks and me (manager) to priortise work effieciently"
Leonie Hayward
Why we love this template
It really helps me to keep an eye on what the team have one at any one time and allows me to help them organise their weekly work and prioritise that work effectively.

Using the app we can check on tasks at any time. This is great for us.

It really has changed our team working life here. No more paper lists stuck everywhere.

Without this template I would
be losing a few hours a week per person trying to manage their work load and keep track on everything on their to do lists.

Time is saved by this template but also it removed the stress of not scrambling as much for deadlines and last minute frenzies of trying to meet our goals and remember what we need to be doing and when we need to be doing it.

We love it and it has really made a big difference to our team working.
Hi I'm Leonie Hayward from Cheekyrascals and this was my story
Hi I'm Leonie Hayward from Cheekyrascals and this is my story, check it out
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