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Jul 5th, 2018. 3 min read
Keep track of Digital Runs & Jobs Progress
Each member of the team tackles different areas of the job from when it gets here till it goes out. Each member will pick up a job once its placed in the board thats relevant to them or when the status change will prompt them to pick up the job and move it to there section. Once the sales team have passed over the information to the studio we enter the job with relevant job order number and add a status with the date it has come in. Because the studio is the bottle neck for all jobs to go through we use it the most and it keeps us up to date with all jobs knowing visually whats urgent and what we have time for so can meet all deadlines.
Getting started tips
With this template we are able to keep track of all jobs that coincide with our logging system numbers. This helps us keep track of stocks and also usage of materials in a month. We also keep track of all artwork jobs being entered with several statuses on completion for the department it will be picked up by. This makes it easy for any other department to know where a job is at any given point as it passes through the studio.

We are still making amendments to the board but for now all data is entered by the studio after the sales team has passed over the information.

We also have a section where appointments are booked in for the designers with time slots so we dont double book any slot and so the rest of the team know who is seeing to which client.
"It is easy and simple to use and very easy to visually pick up jobs."
Khaled Quazi
Why we love this template
This template because it makes our workflow run a lot smoother and is easier to access by all staff without having to look for paperwork for each job and chasing them around in all departments.
Without this template I would
We used to have a paper system where we would need to go back forth between folders to find jobs and also search for progress of jobs between different departments.
Hi I'm Khaled Quazi from Barthamgroup and this was my story
Hi I'm Khaled Quazi from Barthamgroup and this is my story, check it out
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