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Jul 5th, 2018. 2 min read
Manage my workload according to projects
I don't yet, I only use it myself, but have highlighted to my line manager the value of using it with my team to get tasks done. Finance team are currently considering whether it is worth investing in - I am working hard to convince them that it is!!!
Getting started tips
Think about the best way to divide your tasks - for me I divide them between the many different projects that I manage. Then I can see at a glance what outstanding tasks I have for each project. I also use the columns to rank tasks under different priorities using a traffic light system, and then I use a second column for tasks I want to achieve that day. So when I come in the morning, a quick scan lets me see all the things I plan to achieve that day. I update it before going home in the evening, so that when I come in I am not stressed and can easily see how my day looks.
"This template has essentially replaced my brain, and reduces my stress levels enormously"
JoJo Head
Why we love this template
It acts as a total brain dump and hugely reduces my stress levels. If I don't have time to deal with something there and then, I write a quick note in the relevant project and then forget about it until I have time to come back to it.
It turns chaos into order, allows me to time manage and prioritise, and to keep on top of workload and recognise when I have too much on.
Without this template I would
Be a lot more stressed, disorganised, unable to line manage effectively, and get a lot less done overall! I would forget deadlines, forget to pass messages on to people I line manage, and feel out of control a lot of the time. Essentially, without this template I would be lost!!
Hi I'm JoJo Head from Earthwatch and this was my story
Hi I'm JoJo Head from Earthwatch and this is my story, check it out
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