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Jul 5th, 2018. 4 min read
Mortgage Process Tracking
I use this template to help me track, organise and complete the processing required for multiple mortgage applications.

I originally came across Monday as a means to manage website development, pretty straight forward task delegation and completion. Within a few days however, I realised I could do so much more with it, and began creating boards to help me manage my main business as a Mortgage Advisor.

I was shocked when my free trial ended, I honestly hadn't realised it was a trial, or how quickly the time had passed, but it was obvious in that short space of time that Monday was now integral in helping me manage my businesses and stay focused and productive. Signing up was a no brainer, or I could go back to the dark ages of spreadsheets and notepads!
Getting started tips
I like to make a new Pulse each month, this allows me to really focus on the work at hand.

I enter the clients name (or reference) in the first column and then follow each column in a basic traffic light formula - Green for Complete, Amber for working on it, or Red for Stuck.

There are some columns that I use to track the dates of meetings, and I like using the time line feature to show me how long I've been working on a case. I buy data from different companies, so I have a column that tells me who provided me with the data - this is already saving me money as I can now eliminate providers who aren't providing quality data. Finally, the second column along is my 'Case Sent' column - when this is green, that mortgage is on it's way and I can call the clients to let them know.
"It's simple to use, easy to follow, and gives me an 'at a glance' view of where I am and what I need to do, at any time."
Ceri Evans
Why we love this template
I can't even begin to estimate how much time this template has saved me - NOTHING is more valuable to me than time.

No more starting each day by skimming through cases to see what needs to be done next, or looking for post it notes that I've written hastily, it's all on the screen in front of me.

I love that it's available on multiple platforms, and that I don't need to carry cases around with me as much as I've got everything I need on my mobile.
Without this template I would
AH! I'd be back to using post it notes, pieces of scrap paper, forgetting where I'd written dates in my diary, rummaging through multiple files each morning to see what had been done and what needed to be done.

I wouldn't say I was disorganised before, but I certainly wasn't as organised and on top of things as I am now. I've managed to consolidate lots of important snippets of information into one place, and without Monday, I wouldn't have achieved that. I also use templates to help me track potential future business - something I was terrible at before, and track completing mortgages to keep my revenue stream steady, I'd be lost without them now.

This is a stress relieving, time saving, case tracking, money saving template!
Hi I'm Ceri Evans from Remoo and this was my story
Hi I'm Ceri Evans from Remoo and this is my story, check it out
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