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Jul 5th, 2018. 2 min read
Managing all the tasks for our finance team
We work as a team of 4 here in the Finance function of the UK office of Lonely Planet, the leading global travel publishing company. The team is split between across transactional, reporting and management tasks, with some overlap across the activities, thus requiring the need for a dynamic organiser of our tasks on a weekly basis.

Each week, the template is updated to show what we want to get done, what items have been backlogged due to blockers or time constraints and the final pulse for completed items. The team works on the provision of working at least 21 points per week, based on the activities expected to be completed at the start of the week.

Getting started tips
Add items you want to complete in a given week in the top section, assigning an estimated timeframe of units based on how long it is expected to be completed, 1 being 1 hour, 5 being a full day. If unexpected blocks stop a certain task being completed add this into the Backlog section with reasons why.
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Why we love this template
Helps team members identify were there is spare capacity, or if someone is really against it in a given week and thus helps with communication and the sharing of responsibility within the function.
Without this template I would
Be lost...
Hi I'm Jay Francis from Finance - LPUK and this was my story
Hi I'm Jay Francis from Finance - LPUK and this is my story, check it out