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Jul 5th, 2018. 2 min read
Financial Month End
We are a team of Financial Management Accountants and we need to complete the month end numbers with a tight deadline. Each accountant manages a few branches and then we review each other's work. We used to keep each other informed of the updates via email which meant hundreds of emails clogging our inboxes and we didn't have a visual of where we were according to the deadline. But using has really helped us communicate status updates within the team without the email traffic.

We're able to communicate the different status levels of each branch so we know how to effectively manage our time and meet our deadline. We have a lot of status options, which we were previously communicating individually over email, but now only need to update on a pulse in one click!
Getting started tips
Each "group" is a stage in our process, and each branch is included in each group. Whenever a stage is reached the colour change for "ready" or "reviewed with comments" or one of the other choices is updated by the preparer or reviewer. When all is green at the end we know we're done!
"Saved us hundreds of emails and outdated spreadsheets!"
Why we love this template
The best thing about the template other than the reduced email traffic is that anyone can go in and know what's happening straight away. We can make decisions based on the colours as to what needs more attention and where we need to put more effort to meet the deadline.
Without this template I would
be losing track of my own status and the team wouldn't have a clear visualisation of their progress. Small issues may go unresolved and become bigger problems later on because there is no clear way of tracking them and whether anyone is addressing them at all. I'm so glad these problems are behind me!
Hi I'm Kit from TOG Finance and this was my story
Hi I'm Kit from TOG Finance and this is my story, check it out