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Jul 5th, 2018. 2 min read
Property sale tracker
I work for purplebricks. I manage my own large territory and have staff working for me doing admin, viewings, valuations, photos etc. We were scraping by using notes on systems and trying to communicate daily, but things would be easily missed. We started using excel but it was difficult to update and not very fluid. We are all so busy it takes so much time using excel to update effectively.

I came across on Facebook and just fell in love with the whole thing. Everyone loves it and finds it super easy to keep track of every sale now.

The team can update everything they do individually on each section of the board. So if my part time member of staff takes some ID from a client in the morning, she can tick it off on the board, so if anyone else logs in to check the progress, they can easily see what’s been done, and what needs doing.
Getting started tips
I simply designed my own, it was super easy and toon around 10 minutes! It’s so much easier than using excel, and more clear and concise in every way.
"We never miss a thing when it comes to sales progression. "
Aimee Boston
Why we love this template
It makes all of our lives so much easier, and honestly, I sleep better at night knowing I can see what the team have been up to each day, so no more worrying we may have missed something.
Without this template I would
Stress out! I was really stressed before I found
Hi I'm Aimee Boston from Purplebricks and this was my story
Hi I'm Aimee Boston from Purplebricks and this is my story, check it out