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Jul 5th, 2018. 3 min read
Content creation and publishing by remote team
I've created this board to mirror the content creation process throughout our remote team. The process includes several steps from initial idea to delivery via our digital team. In the first group, we collect the topics and content cluster that our social media team came up with. For each cluster, we generate a new group and one pulse per content piece. Our success stories, for example, are published as an audio file and as an article and therefore we have two pulses for each of them. The Admin creates the pulses and assigns the roles (content creation and content review). Every piece of content goes through the steps 'creation', 'review' and 'pushed to publishing team' (Joanna).
Getting started tips
Create a content plan and collect great competitor content resources to get inspiration for topics and a feel about the level of content quality you want to achieve. Then create a Group for each content cluster and create a pulse for each piece of content. Assign responsibilities and fill in the deadline.
"Because you can assign clear responsibilities for each step and track progress along the way."
Boris Bedzent
Why we love this template
It turns content creation into a repeatable and scalable process. In our case the team works remotely and the one thing we need to avoid is that the creation process gets stuck at a transition point between two team members. That is often the case when the responsibility is not clear or the person responsible for the next step is not sure about the completion of the preciding step is completed.
Without this template I would
Have to write a lot of slack messages and take a lot of notes to make sure every piece of content is pushed through the production line. Content would often get stuck between two steps and only after days of no progress would somebody notice it. At the same time, it would be difficult to see who was responsible for pushing or not pushing the content further.
Hi I'm Boris Bedzent from BNHG and this was my story
Hi I'm Boris Bedzent from BNHG and this is my story, check it out
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