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Jul 5th, 2018. 2 min read
Keep Track of textile production and artisans
Helps my team know at what stage our textile is in. From samples, to deposits, to chats with artisans, dates of production...

I used to do thousands of spreadsheets or write everything down on notebooks and try and keep all information in my head, which made it extremely hard to communicate to my teammates and would make me forget important information. Stress levels were much higher before Monday.
Getting started tips
The columns are pretty straight forward. They tell you where production stands, dates, deposits and final payments. If you go into info boxes you can find receipts for deposits made and more details about how production is going. The groups for this board represent the different associations we work with.
"Keeps everyone informed on textile status"
Gabriela Luna Alvear
Why we love this template
Everyone knows when an how it will happen.

Being a womenswear brand that designs its own textile, it is highly important for us to be able to keep track of the textile's production process. We work with artisans, which don't really care about deadlines like we do so it can all get a bit messy. Monday has helped us keep all in order and allows everyone on our team to plan accordingly knowing exactly when it all will happen.
Without this template I would
I would be losing my mind. Would be trying to write everything down in notebooks or different spreadsheets. It would be super hard to communicate to the rest of my teammates and very difficult for them to know where textile stood. Making me lose silly amounts of time trying to find the perfect way to organise the whole process.
Hi I'm Gabriela Luna Alvear from Lunadelpinal and this was my story
Hi I'm Gabriela Luna Alvear from Lunadelpinal and this is my story, check it out