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Jul 6th, 2018. 4 min read
Daily & Weekly management of various projects
We use "Project" numbers to categorise the tasks. We use this board to do our resources first thing on a Monday morning, see which projects have outstanding tasks, add new ones for the week, and plan it out accordingly. We use it all the time.

ie. to see all projects for the loft extension in Hackney, you use the filter to search for project "114", and you can see what needs to be done urgently, and what lies ahead.
Getting started tips
This template works with a bigger picture. Each actual real project in the business gets a number, or if its related to Admin or Marketing, simply named like that.

Set up your groups:
"Current / immediate tasks"
"This week"
"Next week"

- When you add a pulse, first you decide when you need to get it done.
- Describe whatever the task is.
- Give it its relevant Project number (NB, because you will use Filter to see ALL tasks for that project).
- Use "Owner" to allocate who is in charge of making sure that task gets done.
- Status, obvious
- Priority, obvious
- Relevant date, if it has a deadline/due date.
- Hours is used for recording the time spent doing a task. This is very NB in our field. We then mark it as Billable / Not Billable. This is important to know where we are being efficient and where not.
- Link, obvious

When you click into the pulses, we use it to supply further information about that task - should you need to. One team member can set up a pulse as someone else's task, and will tag them, and attach a relevant document.

Once a task is marked green as DONE, we move it to the project board. For each project number there is a project board, (and also for Admin and Marketing). The pulses are categorised into groups, each month of the year a group. This way you can review how many billable/non-billable hours was spent on each project, for the various months (or in our case, the months correspond with stages of the project). We use this to adjust how we set out our fee proposals, because we better understand what takes us longer.

"You are on top of all tasks, nothing slips away. You MUST review the board at the start of every week. "
Alexander Frehse
Why we love this template
It helps us get everything done, and offers an overview in one place. We are able to keep track of each project, and as long as we drop in a pulse for every email, phone call, note, idea,- then we stay on top of the project and never let anything slide.
Without this template I would
Probably not have a clue what to do first. I would be using excel to try and group and manage tasks. I would need to be looking at individual boards to see for each project what is the latest, most urgent. I think when the projects become larger, then the Weekly Tasks board can be used as a bigger picture reminder, and then the individual project boards can operate in a similar manner to the Weekly Tasks.. that's the long term plan.
Hi I'm Alexander Frehse from Studio8fold and this was my story
Hi I'm Alexander Frehse from Studio8fold and this is my story, check it out
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