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Jul 8th, 2018. 4 min read
Keep track of all web development projects
As a freelancer web designer and developer, I'm regularly juggling upwards of 10 ongoing design projects all at different stages. This includes my own clients as well as many projects for other design agencies.

Keeping track of who owes money, who needs to approve designs, who I'm waiting to supply information and which websites need building is a nightmare to manage as some projects can take 2+ months to get from start to finish, meaning it's easy to forget where things were left with the client.

Previously it was a case of using Task Meister to keep track of the project specifics, with a top-level view in Google Sheets to help keep track of where each project was at in the overall development funnel (and how much they has paid, how much was left, estimated time, where to client came from .etc).

This template has allowed everything to be brought under one roof, with this top-level view providing Excel type functionality that could only be achieved with Google Sheets, and being perfect for managing the actual project in a seperate Board.

Getting started tips
To get started with this template you'll need to figure out how many and what stages a project is likely to go through, once you know this, it's plain sailing.

We make use of both a Status for detailed info and a general Phase column to quickly see at a glance if a web build is yet to be started, in progress or live, but the Phase column isn't essential.

Once you've got your main statuses figured out, it's just a case of filling in the blanks for each project and creating or removing columns where you need to.

When you've got everything filled out you'll know how much has been paid on each project (and in total), how much is due (both individually and in total), how many total hours are assigned to all of your projects and when each one started and is due to end.

When a project is completed, simply update all the statuses to reflect this (along with showing there's no outstanding payment) and move it down into the Completed Project group. After a while, you'll have a record of every previous project that you can easily export to Excel and analyze more in-depth to see revenue that came from email leads, FB leads, individual customers and so on.
"This is an all-in-one template that takes care of your top level project management & your sales funnel in one, which gives you the opportunity to segment historic won and lost sales data easily"
Ryan Gardiner
Why we love this template
This template has become a central hub for the entire business, it's the first bookmark I hit every morning.

Provides a birdseye view of every project that needs keeping on top of, as well as being able to analyze previous projects to find out where the bulk of business is coming from.

As soon as quotes go out the details are entered in this template so we know who, what, where & how much each project is worth, making this both an awesome sales funnel and project management essential.
Without this template I would
Be stuck using multiple platforms to keep track of the same project.

This would likely mean losing money by forgetting to invoice clients quickly and also allows projects to drag on longer than needed. This board and has really centralized everything we do, making it the heart of EVERY single job & quote on the system.
Hi I'm Ryan Gardiner from Dci-digital and this was my story
Hi I'm Ryan Gardiner from Dci-digital and this is my story, check it out
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