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Jul 9th, 2018. 2 min read
Tracking International Deals
This template has revolutionized the way we work with high-value business. To be able to go from a CRM style of work where we need to track all the initial stages of the deal to handing it off to the onboarding team, this template gives us the bridge to grab and maintain business.
Getting started tips
The most important things to focus on for any CRM board will be ensuring that your team has all the main points needed to move a sales process forward. Having data that isn't as necessary but still important is great for the updates feed inside a pulse. Ensure you get the main client details and where they are in the process with a status column so you can continue to follow up!
"Because we can see all incoming business and understand where our best leads are coming from!"
Matthew Burns
Why we love this template
It keeps everyone in sync for every detailed step of the process when it comes to bringing on high value business. Understanding where people are at in the process also helps the onboarding teams understand and prepare for what has happened and plan for the future to ensure ultimate client success. :)
Without this template I would
...cease to be able to function! We have lots of hands on people in our process so it's critical we are all aligned about where everything is at in our process. It also helps us measure so many different dynamics that we weren't easily able to find, like the location of each person, what their local timezone is and so much more!
Hi I'm Matthew Burns from and this was my story
Hi I'm Matthew Burns from and this is my story, check it out
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