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Jul 9th, 2018. 3 min read
Creative Project Management
Here at Discovery, Inc our Creative Services team supports Ad Sales to create various B2B marketing and sales material for a growing portfolio of 17+ networks. As a small in-house team of only 14 people, we find ourselves wearing many hats as we continue to evolve and provide work that meets the growing need of more custom solutions and client-focused thinking. With hundreds of projects a year, various small and medium sized events, and a large organization, our board on Monday keeps us organized and on track – never missing a deadline!

As we design a multitude of types of work across various platforms and networks, helps us to clearly identify the needs of each project. With its easy drag-and-drop interface, we can quickly move projects between what’s current, awaiting approval, on hold, and completed. also allows us to quickly assign people to each project and map out what resources are best suited for what task. While we can easily drill into each project with ongoing conversations and updates, it’s the full board-view that really provides us that big-picture snapshot that we need.

Getting started tips
This board is project driven with every pulse representing a single project - typically used for quick turn projects. Larger / multifaceted projects will link to its own board. We use tags to clearly note the network or internal department that the project is for. With the new Column Store, dates are auto-populated when we create a pulse and we manually establish a project's due date, while we use the Timeline to note the actual start and stop dates of a project. The due date column is linked to the Status column which contains various milestones of a project's life-cycle, including those that undergo additional revisions. Additionally, we use colors to code the various platforms that we design for to quickly identify how a project will be built.
"It allows us to quickly see everything in the pipeline along with all pertinent details."
Brad Wohlgemuth
Why we love this template
This template has helped us manage thousands of projects over the past few years and keep us super organized and focused on what really matters - great creative. If you juggle multiple types of projects across various platforms and methods of output, this is very helpful in keeping track of everything all in one place. Great for handling volume!
Without this template I would
Find myself bathing in countless and pointless spreadsheets, documents, and other methods of communication. Instead of having to use several applications and lose track of where things are contained, we have one common location and history of all our work, which is easy to go back and reference and build off of as needed. This not only saves us time, but precious energy which we can redirect into providing a better product for our clients.
Hi I'm Brad Wohlgemuth from Discovery Ad Sales and this was my story
Hi I'm Brad Wohlgemuth from Discovery Ad Sales and this is my story, check it out
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