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Jul 10th, 2018. 3 min read
Track releases of our mobile apps
For every new mobile app release, we update this board with the name of the version and the changes made in this version.
We also track the status of the release (internal beta, gradual release, fully released)
This way, everyone in the company can easily know if they use the latest release.
Customer success reps can easily tell if a user has an outdated version and if the issue they are reporting was fixed in a released version or even on a version that is under beta and will be released soon
Getting started tips
The template is pretty straight forward
Use a person column or a creation log column to indicate the release owner
A status column will indicate the status of each version - is it in testing/out to beta/out on a gradual release/fully released. Choose your relevant statuses and easily customize to your needs
A date column can indicate when each version was fully released. You can add more date columns to indicate when you released to different stages
Another status column for additional data - we use it to indicate if the release was planned or was it a hotfix due to a critical bug. This helps us track how many hotfixes we have, to know if we maintain high quality in our release process
And most important(!) - use the update section of each pulse to give a detailed and easy to understand brief of what's in the version
"Instead of having a single person that knows the status of the release, now everyone know it in a glance"
Amit Frishberg
Why we love this template
It helps us communicate the release status in a breeze.
More important, it helps us engage other parts in the company in what we worked on recently.
It is super easy to use. Easy to onboard new employees in our team to update it, and easy for people outside our team to understand what's going on.
Without this template I would
Be answering an endless stream of questions about "is this and that already fixed?", "when is it going to be released?", "what is the latest version?", "why am I not seeing this on my phone?", "where was that spreadsheet with the releases details?" etc.
A nightmare, basically.
So, yeah, it's cool.
Hi I'm Amit Frishberg from and this was my story
Hi I'm Amit Frishberg from and this is my story, check it out
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