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Jul 10th, 2018. 2 min read
Digital Communications Tracker
As an intern, the company can keep track of my progress, as well as understanding what the team has to work on to improve the momentum of the company. I can now quickly tag people for advice without having to bother them from their tasks and have a clear line up of responsibilities during morning meetings.
Getting started tips
To get started, the user has to understand all of the social media and other platforms that they have to work on. In understanding how to utilize each one, the user can get a better grasp on their schedule with daily postings or knowing deadlines for creatives. This also gives the team a chance to get involved if anything is need from them on projects.
"It categorizes each social media page and what needs work for progression."
Jaelyn Neely
Why we love this template
This keeps the momentum flowing in an organized way. I can understand what is being reviewed and published on the internet, while getting feedback from the team. The team can also incorporate their ideas into the projects that I am tasked with. This template also lets me know what is coming in the future and note ideas that I can follow through with to expand the company.
Without this template I would
I would have to use multiple platforms for organization and this sums everything in one to communicate better with the team. Before I used google drive and emailing everyone to verify the tasks that I have. Overtime multiple documents become confusing and a hassle. This template minimizes those problems, increase effectiveness, and clarifies communication amongst the team.
Hi I'm Jaelyn Neely from Digital-Ignite and this was my story
Hi I'm Jaelyn Neely from Digital-Ignite and this is my story, check it out
Digital Communications