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Jul 10th, 2018. 3 min read
Competitors analysis
This board was initially meant for internal use by customer success team - so that whenever a questions comes about how is compared to this or that app in terms of functionality and price, we could have a quick look at this board and be on the ball.
This board then converted to a company wide knowledge base - everyone from customer success team to sales and product could check this board to understand what we are missing and how we are compared to other tools.

Another cool fact about this board is that it's not only used to list the available features, but in the updates section we also upload more elaborate presentations on each competitor, comments, discuss features.
Why would you recommend this template to anyone managing clients?
Competitors analysis is crucial for any business, and in most cases every employee has to learn the competitors him/herself. This board allows you to educate your team on who are the key competitors are and why; helps keep this board updated by allowing any team member make changes and add updates and questions when new features are released (by you or a competitor). And it simply makes whole competitors analysis process muuuuuch easier and more fun.
"This board is highly visual and reduces the time you spend on finding the info"
Anna Fridman
Getting started tips
This board is very straightforward really. To start you need to identify your main competitors (and add a column for each competitor) and add a list of points/features you want to be compared by. The just update the status of each column to see at a glance where your company stands.
Without this template I would
Be very frustrated. I'm a human being and can't remember everything, and with this board I know where to find the answer!
Without this board our team would also be less professional and would also ping each other asking questions about competitors and never being sure if the answer is still relevant (in SaaS world new features are rolled out quite frequently!).
Hi I'm Anna Fridman from monday and this was my story
Hi I'm Anna Fridman from monday and this is my story, check it out
Anna & Lea's Competitive comparison table