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Jul 10th, 2018. 2 min read
Global Project Management
We use this board as the springboard for our beginning of the week team meeting to: add new projects to our work queue, prioritize new/existing projects, offer assistance to teammates who may be stuck with a project, and identify projects that need a larger spotlight. For projects that require a larger spotlight we then build a standalone board for that project utilizing the customer friendly templates available, importing an Excel sheet via the "integrations" plug-in, or simply duplicating an existing board.
Getting started tips
List your projects, list your project owners, assign priorities, assign deadlines, and then review with your team weekly for best results. If a project grows too large, then simply branch it out onto its own board. As new projects are added it is also easy to customize new labels and specs using a variety of colors and free form text fields.
"Project Management 101 - simple and easy to master design allows users of multiple skill levels to keep their tasks updated and provide team visibility of progress."
Brian McCormack
Why we love this template
As tasks are completed on the board it is self-satisfying knowing there is a "Done" next to your profile avatar. Also, as achievements and completed projects are discussed in each weekly meeting, they can then be archived if needed at a later date for YE or Quarterly progress updates to management.
Without this template I would
Stuck in the world endless emails back and forth to teammates and loss of productivity time. We also replaced our use of multiple other project management tools that did not allow real time visibility of progress updates. The extra time saved with Monday can now be used for working on actual projects.
Hi I'm Brian McCormack from DHL Global Public Sector and this was my story
Hi I'm Brian McCormack from DHL Global Public Sector and this is my story, check it out
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