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Jul 11th, 2018. 3 min read
Newsletters signed, sealed & delivered!
Our team uses this template to know the status of our weekly newsletter blasts. We are able to assign tasks, detail the project and get quick status updates. With color assignments we are able to easily assess the status of each launch.

Each team member, especially my supervisors, are well informed and know the status of each stage. If there are details or content needed from their end, they know right away that I need it. If I need to call them, I simply tag their names with the @ and they are quickly notified.
Getting started tips
Each newsletter consists of three phases or columns. Content, design, and coding/launch. Each status can have its individual notes which allows for more fluid communication.

The colors are great, because the more GREEN there is the more it shows things are getting done. Orange is working on it. Purple is kinda cool and waiting on content to be shared, or maybe an approval.

I am able to share this with the entire team so there are no questions.
"It is just super simple and easy to understand."
Jason Velazquez
Why we love this template
We love this template because it gives us a quick glimpse into the status and we know what to expect. We can add our notes and details as it pertains to the design or content. There is much more room for improvement, but so far it works very well.

It's an absolute time saver. It allows us to be super detailed and get the answers we need for a quick and painless launch every time.
Without this template I would
I would probably be stuck using notes and constantly emailing my colleagues requesting for statuses and content. With this template and Monday everything is poured into one bucket and we can move forward more efficiently.

This template helps me to save time and be more efficient. I know where I am at all the time and if there are questions, comments, or answers, they are all there in one spot.
Hi I'm Jason Velazquez from Gruv Gear and this was my story
Hi I'm Jason Velazquez from Gruv Gear and this is my story, check it out
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