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Jul 16th, 2018. 3 min read
Content Calendar for social media
Our team uses this template every single day. We schedule tweets, FB posts, and Instagram posts all on this template. We make a monthly board that schedules all of the content that our digital firm will be posting every day. This helps keep us organized and to know when something should be posted and if it was.

This template is all about making our team aware of the necessary posts that need to go out on client accounts, business accounts, and personal accounts. This is organized by date, approval, status of post, publish date, links to the actual post, and tags to help archive and organize past posts. Before we used and this board, we scheduled our posts on the difficult Google Calendar. The Google Calendar was difficult because the time slots happened to overlap all the time, making it hard to visually see what needed to be posted when.

On Google you can't get as organized if you want a clean visual representation of what content needs to be pushed out. That being said Monday has paid dividends for us and our clients. Monday has the organization factors that no other browser/software I have ever seen in my short career. The ability to customize every aspect of a board is truly awesome!

Getting started tips
To get started with this board you just have to go to your specific date of the month and input the different tags. Tags such as status, publish date, link, approval, platform etc. On the left side you would input the actual piece of content you are about to post. For example an article, tweet, video, picture, quote etc.
"This template is so visually organized and allows for collaboration between team members, while organizing all of your social media content needs. Throw out that content calendar!"
TJ Janus
Why we love this template
Organized template so we can know what needs to be done and what has been completed. Everyone is on the same page and the live nature of the pulses is the most convenient part of this site. I work remotely sometimes so it helps keep eachother on the same page.
Without this template I would
I would be unorganized and unsure if something was posted or not. I wouldn't know the dates things were posted or if they were even allowed to be posted. The organization nature of this board is much easier to read and understand than a calendar. Without this board I would have to use Google Calendar which is unorganized and hard to format certain things.
Hi I'm TJ Janus from Inscribemgmt and this was my story
Hi I'm TJ Janus from Inscribemgmt and this is my story, check it out
Social content calendar (June week 1)