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Jul 29th, 2018. 4 min read
Manage digital content writers with ease
Managing content writers for a digital agency at scale has always been hard work, multiple writers specializing in different topics, tons of emails for new orders, late deliveries, missing articles, article revisions... the list goes on. has revolutionized the entire content writing process for us. No more emails chains, no more missed deadlines from unreliable writers and best of all, everyone knows exactly what's on order, when we can expect it to arrive and where it needs to go when it's delivered.
Getting started tips
As we use external content writers we have a version of this board set up as Guest access for each writer to use, which means each writer only see's the work assigned to them.

To place a new order with a writer, simply enter the title of the post, the number of words you'd like, supply an example article they can use for inspiration (optional) and any due dates. We also let them know whether it's content for an affiliate site, a clients site or a guest post on another website so they know which format we're looking for, again, this is optional.

Our writers to know to work down the list from the top, so we can adjust the order of content being delivered on the fly if new urgent orders come up.

When the content is finished the writer will attach it to the pulse as a .docx file, move the pulse into the 'Awaiting Payment' group and change ownership back to the account manager so they receive an email notification and can review the content.

Once reviewed it can be paid and either put live straight away or moved to the 'Completed Orders' group for use later on. Alternatively, if the writer has any questions they can be asked in the specific Pulse with a quick @ mention to the account manager.
That's it. Content delivered, signed and paid in a breeze.
"We're now able to EASILY manage multiple writers, all delivering 20+ articles a month each"
Ryan Gardiner
Why we love this template
Having been using back and forth emails, Skype, Upwork and a range of other tools to try and keep on top of just one writer in the past, I know first hand how impossible it is to scale.

This template will soon allow us to expand to manage 10+ external writers and beyond with ease as our company and demands grow.
Without this template I would
Be spending 10x the amount of time dealing with writers instead of growing the business and working with clients.

The efficiency this template has bought to the business still blows our mind on a daily basis, it's so simple yet we couldn't live without it.

Once your writers get on-board with the software, you can load them up as much or as little as you like and change their workload on the fly.
Hi I'm Ryan Gardiner from DCI Digital and this was my story
Hi I'm Ryan Gardiner from DCI Digital and this is my story, check it out
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