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Sep 3rd, 2018. 2 min read
Weekly College Student Organizer
I use this template to help with my time management with my Electrical engineering undergrad course load. This template helps me see what i need to be completing, when it is due, and what is due in the future.
Getting started tips
I actually had a physical paper calendar before getting I color coded different types of assignments/exams. I translated that onto the template where it shows what class and what assignment/exam I have in that class! There's a due date with a deadline which is super helpful and also a progress bar which is for personal confidence and reassurance!
"It just makes more sense than the conventional organization methods we have today. helps me destress by helping me organize and manage my time wisely. In turn, this makes me productive!"
Nicholas Florio
Why we love this template
This template is legit built for a college student. There are millions of meetings, assignments, tests, etc. and this template really helps de-clutter all the stress and chaos that can be college. Since there is a mobile app, there is cross-platform usability, which makes so much sense for people my age. This template will certainly get the job done.
Without this template I would
...most likely have a more cluttered mind as well as desk. By not having to worry as much if I remembered to do the assignment, it is a huge time-saver and puts me in a better mood.
Hi I'm Nicholas Florio from Villanova and this was my story
Hi I'm Nicholas Florio from Villanova and this is my story, check it out
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