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Oct 25th, 2018. 4 min read
Track and manage support requests
We are a digital marketing agency focused on inbound marketing and growth-driven website design. We provide diverse service level offerings, and with that, we need to manage a variety of technical requests. Whether it's a website content change or e-commerce issue, we need to track it, assign ownership, and resolve the issue as soon as possible. This Support Board allows us to accept these submission from a variety of channels – over the phone from our administrative assistant, via a public form on our website, and using an internal form for employees not on – without interrupting everyone's current work. Additionally, our agency director can pull up this "one-stop shop" board to view all open requests. This Support board handles it all, especially now that we have added some of the new Monday "Automate" actions. Overall, this board provides one central place to track varied issues for a number of clients, and store the information associated with that issue (file attachments, additional details, priority, etc.), — as well as the peace of mind that these are not accidentally buried in someone's inbox.
Getting started tips
In designing this board, we knew issue status was most important. Our four groups "New, In progress, Overdue, and Closed" are the overall statuses. We use the "Status" column to track the individual status of each request (pulse). We use the Automated Actions to move Pulses from New to In Progress, and to Closed based on that individual status. We also track who reported the issue and the client impact so we can prioritize accordingly. We reserved colors like yellow and reds to highlight more critical issues. We have additional columns to record who should be notified for more information and when the issue is resolved. Integrations and Monday Automated actions really make this board shine: 1) Form submissions from an external form on our website create a new pulse via a Zapier<>HubSpot integration, which also route to our #support Slack channel. 2) We activated this board's Form View to accept requests internally from employees not on Monday (such as our administrative assistant.) Additionally, that form URL is linked in the description of our team #support Slack channel so it's always accessible and if anyone calls in you can simply open that form and enter their request for them. We use Monday's Automated Actions to automatically notify board subscribers when a new request (pulse) is created, and to move pulses based on status to a different group. To set this up for your team, I would think about your support workflow and adjust as needed. What is important for you to know? Who do you need to contact when it is resolved? What does leadership want to be able to see at a glance? Who do you need to notify about new requests? You can use this template as a jumping off point.
"Simplifies the entire support process – from notification to resolution – and provides a "one-stop shop" to track any issue."
Gretchen Elliott
Why we love this template
This template streamlined our entire support process. It provides an easy way for team members to submit and update requests, a central tracking board that can actually handle a variety of issue types reported by different stakeholders, an automatic notification to the team member that needs to resolve the problem, and an on-demand, birds eye view of all things support.
Without this template I would
Lose time notifying and interrupting team members to check on the status of issues manually. Not have an easy way to store information and updates on more complex issues that take longer than a day to resolve. I can't state enough how much this has improved and streamlined our support workflow.
Hi I'm Gretchen Elliott from Ascend Inbound Marketing and this was my story
Hi I'm Gretchen Elliott from Ascend Inbound Marketing and this is my story, check it out