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Nov 15th, 2018. 2 min read
Track surgical reappointments
This template is used to track current appointments and when the new appointment is coming due. Using the status tabs helps to visually see where we stand. Our team can easily see the status of any re-appointment coming up or when to expect the renewal notice. It is great for time management for our team.
Getting started tips
Once you get the data into the columns, use the deadline status to keep yourself on track. In the communication bubble, it is a great way to communicate with coworkers and add additional information. Using the Status column, you can customize each color to reflect any status that is pertinent to your business. It is a great visual.
"This template rocks! All I have to do is glance at the board and I can quickly see where we stand!"
Sheli Crabtree
Why we love this template
This template replaced three Excel spreadsheets! Once you get that data into the template, it is so easy to create deadlines and status updates and track all changes from coworkers. Honestly, I do not know how we survived without it.
Without this template I would
Well, we would be looking at 3 different spreadsheets, lengthy emails to communicate between coworkers and scattered notices for re-appointments! If I didn't have this template, I would cry! :(
Hi I'm Sheli Crabtree from Texan Eye PA and this was my story
Hi I'm Sheli Crabtree from Texan Eye PA and this is my story, check it out
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