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Dec 4th, 2018. 3 min read
Work Request Management
Probably the most important change to be made to the way we manage work requests is to start using one platform and one platform only to log incoming work requests. You'll no longer waste time checking multiple channels to try and locate and piece together requests or, even worse, making sense of scrawled notes you took on a notepad or post-it in a meeting or at lunch.

We suggest adding a work request board in your account as one single source of truth for all incoming work requests! The board will will save you time, keeps everything centralized and makes sure that nothing is missed. You'll be able to see at a glance all new work requests to easily understand the volume of work being requested. It also allows for those making the requests to easily follow the journey of a request, from the moment they submit it to the point of delivery.
Getting started tips
We recommend converting your work request board to a form , which you can share with all teams as a simple way for people to log new requests.

Setting out a formal process for people to make requests from your team is crucial for beginning to take control and changing any bad habits which have developed to date (we all have them!) While people may be defensive about accepting the new formal system, they will soon recognize the benefits and time saved. The new system will allow them to continue with their own work, safe in the knowledge that their request has been logged and will be dealt with in an organized manner and on time.

The information from each form submitted will be automatically added to your work request board and the process of assigning the task to someone on the team, as well as prioritizing it amongst other requests can begin. Duplicate requests can be easily identified and removed before work begins, so multiple people won't start working on the same request.
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Why we love this template
It helps solve work request management issues and to put some order to the chaos!
Without this template I would
Have a backlog of requests which fill my email inbox, WhatsApp, Slack, not to mention “favors” dropped on my lap over a casual lunch! Having no system in place to deal with work requests can result in the prioritization of requests based on who's shouting the loudest, which results in a negative work environment and heaps of unnecessary stress.

Hi I'm Erin Lueck from erindemo and this was my story
Hi I'm Erin Lueck from erindemo and this is my story, check it out
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