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Apr 10th, 2019. 2 min read
Marketing Team Weekly Tasks
My team gets tasks assigned to them on a weekly basis pending current projects that are live. Before we would have 2 meetings a day to sync and today it is very clear who is doing what and each team member takes ownership of their daily tasks. This also motivates the team to get their part done on time and execute their tasks efficiently and in a transparent way.
Getting started tips
We LOVE the Tags feature. This helps us see all pulses across boards when using Tags and I can get an overview of where the project stands.

By filtering the Tags we are able to oversee the phases of the project across multiple departments and stay on top of any important deadlines.
"I love this template because in one glance I can see what project a team member is working on and what is their current workload for the week."
Doriel - Marketing Expert
Why we love this template
As we have multiple projects running simultaneously, it is crucial for us to know the task load of each team member and what they are currently working on. This template keeps us in the loop at any given time during the project.
Without this template I would
Not have a way of seeing the workload of my team and where each team member stands with their part. I can now stay on track and ensure no deadlines are missed and every team member has an equal part in the project!
Hi I'm Doriel - Marketing Expert from monday and this was my story
Hi I'm Doriel - Marketing Expert from monday and this is my story, check it out
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