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Apr 11th, 2019. 1 min read
Manage Clients Projects
Each Account Manager creates a board for each of their clients to keep track of all their campaigns, projects, social media posts and things that are related to what is currently live.
Getting started tips
The Timeline View allocates each person's tasks or projects based on what they are currently working on. This gives a clear view of what is due and each client can prioritize the requests accordingly.
"I love that I can see each clients needs and organize my tasks accordingly. "
Doriel - Marketing Expert
Why we love this template
We love this template because it streamlines your workflow to ensure no deadline or task falls through the cracks.
Without this template I would
We would have total chaos, the best thing to have is a board for each client that highlights what needs to be done. This keeps you one step ahead of each project and provides a real time view of what needs to get done and with who (designers, creatives, copy writers etc.).
Hi I'm Doriel - Marketing Expert from monday and this was my story
Hi I'm Doriel - Marketing Expert from monday and this is my story, check it out
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