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Jun 12th, 2019. 3 min read
Onboard your new hire to a specific team
We use this template to onboard all of our new teammates! This allows us to create structure so that every new hire has the same or better onboarding experience. This board also serves as a training tool across a period of time, links to vital resources, and tasks to test how well the information is being absorbed!
Getting started tips
This is a semi-dense board and that's intentional! The value here is our ability to tie in all of this data to our Dashboards section and really tell the story of progress and efficiency of each onboard.

The columns we use:
2 People Columns - Separate the Trainee from the Trainer (Buddy)
3 Status Columns - We use the traditional Status column to show the state of the task and 2 categorical status columns to bucket the item types for reporting later.
Link Column - This provides us a direct link for all the resources we use for teaching/coaching
Time Tracking Column - We're data driven! The amount of time each task takes matters.
Progress Column - This is a nice visual indicator for the new hire on how much they've accomplished.
Tag Column - This allows us to correlate independent tasks cross-boards for unified view via Search Everything.

My Favorite Group: The Talks group - so much communication value here in adopting this group into all of your teams boards.

This board involves the New Hire and their team Buddy.
"This board will leave your new hire feeling well equipped to handle everything your team has thrown at it and incredibly well supported with the buddy aspect."
Eddie Mitchell
Why we love this template
Onboarding efforts before this template was sheer chaos!

I love this template because it gave us a real pulse on where we needed to strengthen our onboarding and training for incoming team members. Now we have stronger, more confident, new hires jumping right into our teams workflows and killing it!
Without this template I would
most likely have to spend more time training on the functions of our team. This template has allowed us to take a 2-3 month learning curve and shrink it down to 4 weeks!

Also, without this template we would be unable to evolve our onboarding process as our organization continues to grow. This structure allows for trackable adaptability efforts internally and we didn't have this before the template and tools on!
Hi I'm Eddie Mitchell from Eddie and this was my story
Hi I'm Eddie Mitchell from Eddie and this is my story, check it out
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