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Jun 12th, 2019. 3 min read
Seamlessly onboard all company new hires
We use this template to make sure the first day of all of our new hires runs as smoothly as possible.

This board houses all relevant links to setup systems, create passwords and security factors for our tools, and account log in details.

Before this template we'd have a hodgepodge of emails with links and scattered drive articles that we would throw at new hires all at once. It was a bit overwhelming for both the new hires of the past and the leads getting them setup quickly.
Getting started tips
This is a simple template and that is by design.

The board is broken into easy groups with separate focuses:

HR To Do's - Paperwork and legal first day staples
Tech/Software - Getting them actively setup on all systems
General To Do's - Culture things like pick up swag and meet with office manager
Meet the Team - Scheduled team overview meetings to gain insight into organizational goals
Questions & Who to Ask - A directory of sorts on the Point of contact for different types of issues.

Add some cool automations to this board around notifications to keep the Leads and new hire on schedule.
"Ask any HR manager their biggest pain points with onboarding and this board will solve every issue!"
Eddie Mitchell
Why we love this template
We love this template because it has made a palpable change on our HR team. The vibe and energy around onboarding new team members has shifted from a high stress and overwhelming experience to pretty much setting itself up.

This template has also made an impact on culture setting for incoming team members. This being their first experience with our operations leaves an impression that we are organized, work smart not hard, and hold one another accountable.
Without this template I would
most certainly without this template we'd be operating with lots of blindspots around the entire onboarding process and experience. Our HR team is measured on employee satisfaction and this template has allowed us to include onboarding as a measurable and more effective element when looking at the employee satisfaction lifecycle.
Hi I'm Eddie Mitchell from Eddie and this was my story
Hi I'm Eddie Mitchell from Eddie and this is my story, check it out
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