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Jun 19th, 2019. 1 min read
Managing Work Requests
This template will help you to manage various requests you receive. You can utilize forms view to funnel all new requests in, automations to help triage your board and integrations to ensure transparent communication with requesters. This board will be your central hub of intaking new requests, disseminating work and stay on top of who is doing what!
Getting started tips
Download this template and customize with your organization's work flow! Update the status labels to include the type of requests you receive. Build and customize your form according to information that is vital for your team to know. Add in an automation that will notify you every time you receive a new request. Transparently assign your team members and .... get to work :)
"Less emails. Less follow up. Just dive in! "
Hi I'm Lucy from templates2 and this was my story
Hi I'm Lucy from templates2 and this is my story, check it out
Managing Work Requests