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Jul 7th, 2019. 4 min read
Prioritize and track all legal tasks
Working as part of the CS team in, I help onboard companies from different industries and assist them in optimizing their workflow using the different tools on offer in the platform.

As a former lawyer, I recently helped several law firms and legal teams within commercial companies to build their workflows into the platform. Together with them, I developed this board in order to track tasks from different fields (including commercial, litigation, real estate, etc.), and to streamline how to receive requests from clients or other departments from inside an organization using forms.

This board is best used individually so each member of the team has a duplicate of the board to use. By populating this board and having all of your tasks and projects appear there, your manager or the partner in charge can easily estimate your workload, see where things are at and which tasks are being worked on (and billed) at any given moment.

This board can also be included in a dashboard, so that you can see at a glance how many billable hours you've billed so far, upcoming due dates and what tasks you should attend to next.

Getting started tips
1. Log all your current tasks on the board, in the applicable group. If you have additional fields of law that you practice, simply edit the groups respectively.
2. Assign yourself (and possibly additional team members, if you're working on a task together) on the People Column and the Partner in charge / the requesting employee from your organization on the Partner Column.
3. Go ahead and add the relevant company in the Company Text Column.
4. Add or edit the labels under the Status Column to match the possible statuses you might want to show for each task.
5. Assign dates to your tasks under the Date Column.
6. Set the applicable Priority rating for each of your tasks.
7. Enter your time estimation for your tasks.
8. Add the Form View and then edit the form to make sure it asks for all the applicable information you need in order to attend to a request from a client or internal requester from your organization.
9. As you work on a task, use the Time Tracking Column to track billable hours.
10. As you complete tasks and change their status to Done, move the done tasks to the Complete Task group or set up an automation that will do that for you :)
"A great overview on all legal tasks with the ability to track billable hours"
Tal Wiener
Why we love this template
The template helps lawyers see all of their personal tasks received from different legal practice areas or different partners they are working for, in one place. It also allows for the easy collection of new requests from clients or employees within your organization using a form.
Without this template I would
Receive tons of email (and lose about 10% of them), get lost within an incredible amount of job requests and miss important deadlines.
Hi I'm Tal Wiener from CS-Experience and this was my story
Hi I'm Tal Wiener from CS-Experience and this is my story, check it out
Ongoing Legal Tasks